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How to find your NETGEAR Device’s Model Number?

The main identity of any product is its model number. It is the unique number assigned to each product by their manufacturer. The model number can be found on back or bottom panel of your NETGEAR device. Note:
1. You should not see the numbers printed on retail boxes as it might not be your device specific.
2. If you can not see a version like v2 or v3, in this case your device is v1 model.
3. If you see SP after the version number, for example WGR614v9SP, then model is specific to an Internet service provider (ISP). If you want technical support for an SP model, you must contact your ISP or call on 1-844-689-9966.

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How to download latest NETGEAR Firmware?

NETGEAR introduces firmware updates for its products from time to time. A firmware is an operating system which is in-built instructions for specific model number of NETGEAR device. New versions of firmware generally come embedded with bug fixes, extra features, performance enhancements, useful security measures and then some.

To download latest firmware version on NETGEAR device, follow the steps below:

  1. First and foremost, go to Netgear Support webpage.
  2. Choose your device model number.
  3. Look for Firmware Version option.
  4. Click on Download button.Download Firmware

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NETGEAR Extender Support

NETGEAR Extenders are networking devices which are used to extend WiFi speed all over the home or office. Though the process of NETGEAR Extender Setup is very easy, yet users come across with a number of technical issues like setup/login problem, LED issues and WiFi or internet connectivity. Therefore they look for NETGEAR Extender Support to get rid of such issues. For instant and reliable NETGEAR Extender Support, call at toll-free number 1-844-689-9966.

NETGEAR Router Reset

Facing technical issues with NETGEAR Router? If so, reset the router to default factory settings. NETGEAR Router Reset is the best way to resolve all problems related to wireless router. Restoring router settings to default values also helps in NETGEAR Router Setup. You only need to press the reset button placed on WiFi router. Once done, router will connect to existing modem and you can then connect computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more to the same network.

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NETGEAR Router Login

In order to set up a new router or change settings of an existing router, log in to web user interface i.e. This is the default NETGEAR Router Login page. It asks for username and password to proceed further. If you are not able to log in to NETGEAR Wireless Router, clear cache and cookies from web browser and try again.

NETGEAR Router Password

Once you are on NETGEAR Router Login page, enter login details to open the settings panel of router. Make use of default NETGEAR Router Password. In case it has ever changed by you, use the current one. If you don’t remember the default NETGEAR Router Password, check with experts at 1-844-689-9966 on how to recover it.


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