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Netgear Support is a single point of contact for saying a goodbye to all your technical problems. Our skilled staff consists of well-trained and well-behaved IT personnel. All of them remain up to date with the latest technology trends. So, our customers get quick and trustworthy solutions to their queries. Give us a call now at toll-free number 1-844-689-9966 or request a callback. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Wireless Routers

With a lot of connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and other devices that we use every day, it is very important to have a wireless router in a home or office. Before spending money on a brand new router, one should think about the number of clients along with size of their signals’ coverage area.


It uses FastLane3 technology and takes your WiFi coverage to the extreme corners of home or office. Ranging from backyard to even garage, it provides you with speed up to gigabits.

N Routers

N routers offer an excellent range of WiFi network throughout the home or office. One can get more information about Netgear products from authorized technicians by calling on toll-free number 1-844-689-9966.

AC Routers

These routers are really fast that provide Gigabit Ethernet speed. The device offers 3x faster Internet speed than 802.11n. It comes with the maximum spectral bandwidth. For any assistance, dial 1-844-689-9966.

Legacy Routers

Easy access, speed, and secured network – users get full surety about these three factors when they buy a legacy router. It offers data transfer speed of up to 54Mbps.

Home Networking

Setting up a home network is much easier than you might think. All you need to do is just contact your ISP and get a router and extender. If you experience any kind of problem with your home network, take help from our tech experts by dialing toll-free number 1-844-689-9966. We are 24×7 available to fix your problems in no time.

WiFi Adapters

Netgear WiFi adapters give a new life to computers and laptops. These devices are very important for accessing a high-speed Internet. If you’re quite confused about which wireless adapter is the best for you, just call us as we’ll take you out of this confusion.

Range Extenders

WiFi extenders and boosters help you keep all your home devices such as computers, mobiles, and media players connected to a reliable network. These devices remove all the dead zones where one gets poor connectivity. Thus, you will enjoy an expanded network throughout a home.

Cable Modems & Routers

Say goodbye to modem rental fees. Just get the blazingly fast speed of Internet to access with cable modems and routers. These devices provide a safe and secure network system, preventing it from intruders. For any help or feedback, call now at 1-844-689-9966.

DSL Modems & Routers

Get the best and fastest WiFi for every need with DSL modems and routers. These devices are compatible with DSL service providers. With these, one can access multiple WiFi devices at the same time and have the fast Internet speed.


This device helps you extend a wired net connection to each and every corner of home or workplace without using long wires. It provides up to gigabit speed. Netgear Support specializes in offering targeted solutions to all your queries related to any model of powerline. Providing world-class technical assistance and guidance for aforementioned products is just a beginning. Our experts offer prompt solutions to any query our customers have. One can reach out to us by dialing a toll-free number 1-844-689-9966 or by sending queries via email. Our technicians will respond you in a timely manner.

New Extender Setup

Netgear Support is always ready to help its customers while new extender setup. Just grab a phone and dial 1-844-689-9966 to get instant solutions to all your queries.

Login Support

Having problems while logging in to Netgear configuration page? Well, try to access it using default IP address of router rather than the URL. Or call 1-844-689-9966 now.

Diagnosis & Repair

Free yourself from any type of issue related to routers, extenders, modems, and other WiFi devices just by getting in touch with one of our customer executives.

Setup & Install

Whether you are having problems while initial installation or with the already installed device, we always vouch for a one-time solution over a single phone call.